On a special day of August 8th, 2023, a heartwarming and memorable farewell event was held at the ATCL to bid adieu to a distinguished guest of Lebanon, His Excellency Mr. Andreas Kindl, the Ambassador of the German Federal Republic.

The event, held in honor of Mr. Kindl’s remarkable tenure as the German Ambassador to Lebanon, was a testament to the strong diplomatic ties and enduring friendship between Germany and Lebanon.

Guests from various sectors of Lebanese society, including LGBC Board members, business leaders, and members of the civil society, gathered to express their gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Kindl’s dedicated service during his diplomatic mission in Lebanon.

The evening’s program featured heartfelt speeches, expressing admiration for Mr. Kindl’s diplomatic efforts in fostering cooperation and strengthening ties between the two nations. Attendees highlighted his commitment to promoting cultural exchange, economic collaboration, and humanitarian initiatives that have had a positive impact on the Lebanese people.

A significant moment unfolded as the chief architect behind a visionary initiative took the stage to illuminate the attendees about the “EUROBEY” event. This event, rooted in the spirit of collaboration between Germany and Lebanon, encompassed five distinct sectors that promised to further strengthen their ties.

The presentation was met with admiration from both His Excellency Mr. Andreas Kindl, the German Ambassador to Lebanon, and the esteemed attendees who had gathered to bid farewell. EUROBEY represented a forward-thinking approach to bilateral relations, fostering cooperation and businesses across various domains to mutual benefit.

Author: jb4si